wealth connections powered by lexisnexis linkage technology

Uncover New Prospects through Affluent Friends, Family, Neighbors, and Associates

Affluents spend time researching products and services and take the lead in decision making among their friends. They exhibit a powerful sphere of influence, offering their valued advice to others. So when you get your message across to people in their social circles, you'll grow your audience exponentially.

In addition to targeting a high value Wealth Window audience, you can engage their connections as well. Powered by LexisNexis linkage technology, Wealth Window identifies the important people in lives of wealthy consumers who are also of means. Now you can get your message through to their affluent friends, relatives, neighbors, and business associates with Wealth Window Connections.

We can also identify the affluent connections of your audience, which allows you to contact the most important individuals in the lives of your customers. This will greatly expand your audience to people predisposed to want your brand.

Wealth Window Connections Data Includes

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